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familyPhillip’s Parents

Phillips father, the late Phillip Whiteman, Sr. a Northern Cheyenne Chief of the Council of 44, was also the Drum-keeper for the Chief Society. He was known for his singing ability and composed traditional Cheyenne Spiritual Songs, Native American Church Songs, and Pow Wow Songs, many of his songs have been recorded. He was a horseman, and especially loved horses bred for speed.

The late Florence Whiteman carried an important role among her people. She was the last Warrior Woman of the Elk Scraper Society to go through the original ceremonies. She also has the distinction of being the last Cheyenne woman to be married for a bride price of 4 horses, in a traditional ceremony in which she did not meet her husband until the ceremony, at the age of 14. Florence was featured on the History Channels “Little Bighorn, the Untold Story” in which she shared her grandfather’s account of the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

Lynette’s Parents

Lynette was raised by her grandparents the late Matthew and Nellie Two Bulls, Oglala Lakota of Pine Ridge South Dakota. Both were teachers of the language, culture and songs of their people. They have received numerous awards for their many accomplishments along with receiving Honorary Doctorate Degrees. Nellie in her final days received the First Peoples Fund(link), Community Spirit Award. She is a descendant of Chief Young Man Afraid of His Horse who was a Chief of peace who loved his people.

Carrying on the Legacy

Because of their commitment to carrying on the legacy of their parents and grandparents, Phillip and Lynette named their daughters Florence and Nellie after their grandmothers.

(Not Pictured) Krystal Two Bulls a Senior at the University of Montana- Missoula who is Studying Social Work plans on attending graduate school and adopting the Medicine Wheel Model to work with youth, families and veterans.Krystal is also a Specialist in the Army Reserve.
Kyla Two Bulls, attends St. Labre Indian Catholic School and plans on studying Veterinary Medicine upon graduation from High School. Kyla was the first native in Montana to win First in the State Science Fair for her project “The Blood Sugar Chemistry in Horses” (link to article Billings Gazette dated 5/7/2006 title “Teen Melds Love of Horses, Science” or pdf file of project). She also won the National American Indians into Science (AISES) Fair in Albuquerque NM.

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