PhillipDanceRegaliaweb2With Phillip’s strong traditional upbringing and knowledge of his culture he weaves the past with the present and shares messages of hope and encouragement. The artistic presentation includes a combination of traditional story telling, flute, dance & vocal performances, and native humor.

Highlights of Phillip’s career include performing on Broadway, for President Bill Clinton’s Inauguration, performing at the Red Rock Amphitheater in Boulder, Colorado and at the 2008 Humanitarian Awards in Cincinnati, Ohio.

PhillipDanceRegaliaweb1Dance Performances

Phillip is considered one of the premier dancers in North America. He dances the “Old Style” Grass Dance. In his presentation he shares the story of the “Grass Dance” and how a young boy was paralyzed. The young boy believed in his dreams and was healed. Phillip’s dance movements imitate the young boy moving to the left and to right-in a circular motion, struggling to get up; he imitates a horse before a storm-prancing; the wind blowing the grass back and forth in the wind.

Native FluteFlute Music

The “Flute Story” shares the message of “Finding your Gift in Life” and tells the story of a woodpecker that was frustrated and angry because he could not make beautiful music like the other birds, the only thing he could do was put holes in trees and carve wood. The story goes on to share how the woodpecker found his gift in life and how unique and special he was.

Phillip Whiteman Jr.Vocal Performances

Phillip shares traditional Cheyenne songs, and some of his own composition which resonate throughout the audience. The combination of his voice, and the drum-the heartbeat, create deep thought and introspection for the listener.

Phillip Whiteman Jr.Native Humor

Inter-dispersed throughout the presentation Native Humor can be included to bring laughter to the audience. Phillip is known for the “Rez Dog Story” which dramatizes life on the Rez.

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