Mitakuye oyasin is Lakota for “we are all connected or related”. Phillip’s Medicine Wheel Model is grounded in this philosophy, teaching a way of life. As our world is becoming more global, all of us as human beings are challenged with opening our minds and hearts to think differently – circular and in unity. Phillip demonstrates that the spirit of sunka wakan (the sacred horse) teaches us to be better human beings.
~ Lori Lea Pourier (Oglala Lakota), President First Peoples Fund.
I met Phillip at a 2007 Voice of the Horse Conference in Iowa where we both performed. Phillip’s demonstration of his Medicine Wheel Model to Natural Horsemanship is an incredible display of his native approach to working with horses. Phillip’s Medicine Wheel Model is a practical approach to working with horses and people. The teachings can be applied to personal relationships and helps to develop a better respect of diversity. I’m an adopted member of the Lakota Nation through the Dull Knife clan in Pine Ridge and have been interested in Native American culture most of my life – so naturally Phillip and I “hit if off” right away and became good friends by the end of this event. Let us thank Phillip for sharing these ideas and philosophies with us through his Medicine Wheel Model to Natural Horsemanship and celebrate diversity in the four colors of the Medicine Wheel Model. You will come away from one of Phillip’s demonstrations wondering why you had not thought in these terms before, because his thought process makes so much sense. His gift of communicating is evident and you cannot get enough of it! Phillip’s teachings apply to human behavior as well, not just horses. I encourage you to see Phillip in person and witness the unique gifts Phillip so willing shares with us all through his Medicine Wheel Model approach.
~ Michael Martin Murphey, #1 Cowboy Music Singer/Songwriter; Biggest hits include: Wildfire, Carolina in the Pines. www.michaelmartinmurphey.com

Phillip is one of my oldest and closest friends. I met him initially as a rodeo announcer watching him ride saddle broncs. I had the privilege of being the announcer at the Indian National Finals Rodeo when he won one of his world titles. But to know Phillip Whiteman is to know that he is far more than a bronc rider, or even a Native dancer. Getting to know Phillip is to know his heart. To see the love and caring that God has given him for anyone who’s life he touches. He has been blessed mightily and more importantly understands that “of whom much is given, much is required”. Phillip and Lynnette are givers. I am so proud to be listed among their many friends. I would recommend Phillip to anyone for anything. Because he recognizes his power source, he is available for blessing to flow through to whomever he meets. Upon meeting him and spending time with him, upon hearing of his mission, and seeing his actions, you will trust his words. Thank you Phillip and Lynnette for lending your lives so readily to all in need. ~Jim Thompson
~ Jim Thompson former 2 term SD State Senator
Life Member Pro Rodeo Cowboys Assn
3 time SD Sportscaster of the Year
Member Casey Tibbs South Dakota Rodeo Hall of Fame
Member South Dakota Sports Hall of Fame
Member Black Hills Stock Show/Rodeo Hall of Fame

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